Alexander Barsov, Composer

In addition to his contributions to concert repertoire, Alexander brings depth and sensitivity to scores for film and digital media.  Alexander's work is influenced by a love of beauty in its many forms, a love of nature, and a desire to continue the great traditions of classical art.  

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"I had the pleasure of working with Alexander over the space of two years. During that time I got to know a thinker of sharp intellect, a listener of exacting taste, and an artist of rare integrity and intensity. Alexander matches deep sensitivity with an iron will, a balance of qualities which surface readily in his music. I think it is rare to find a composer's personality traits so evident in their work at so young an age. It signals an emotional maturity in Alexander's work that will pay great dividends as he develops his craft in the future. The music world needs more people of his artistic sincerity and unflinching honesty."

-Geoffrey McDonald, conductor


"Barsov's music is a wave of freshness inspired by Russian chant and the modern world.  I am always looking forward to playing his compositions."

-Ignacy Gaydamovich, cellist